Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tap the Mic

Is this thing on?


Just checking.

When the year comes to a close and I do my normal - LET'S MAKE ALL THE RESOLUTIONS - I peer back to this blog with a sigh and I must admit, I really do miss it.

My last post was in 2017. I had to transfer it here, because in typical fashion, I created numerous blogs that I could never maintain. Better to keep it simple. Better to bring it home.

It is a little hard to come back to. It contains a lot of the nitty gritty before the gals, the challenge to get them here, and the growing pains we had as parents when they finally arrived. But I can safely say, as I look back on it now, damn we were lucky, and that the trauma has passed. (Well except for that whole not wanting to have anymore kids because it was a nightmare process thing...)

I've had a ton of friends catch the blog bug again and it's exciting. I can't lie, I've fed off of the enthusiasm. I can't wait to support them and see their content. Platforms come and go, but the blog writing is cathartic, and I think we've realized that.

I realize I have a lot of updating to do here. I'm no longer the workout obsessed, hardly eating type in the left hand picture of your screen. Many of the links are broken, but I will fix that, I promise. Things have been really good though! New jobs, new house, new phone, who dis?

So Cheers to Us! Let's have an awesome 2019.

When you want to find a cute family pic, but this comes up in your Google Albums, and it just speaks volumes, as it just describes you so much better. 

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