Thursday, November 23, 2017

I Went for a Walk Around Atlanta

I proclaimed yesterday that I would be going for a walk. The gals were at camp. Dave was at work.
With a high of 61 and not a cloud in the sky, I dropped the gals off at dance camp, and set out. My plan was to stick to the Beltline, but as soon as I got to Piedmont Park, I couldn’t resist a romp in the city.
The day was grand and I walked over 12 miles. The air was crisp, my step was upbeat. I enjoyed my time alone, had a nice little reset, and remembered why I love this city.
Bring it on holidays.
Here’s some of my adventure:

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Going for a Walk

I’m going for a walk tomorrow. Ideally it would be up a mountain. Instead it will be more of the urban variety. I’ve taken off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving, but my family is still on the go. The gals will have their last day of dance camp and my husband has to work. This means…*GASP*…I HAVE THE DAY TO MYSELF.
For those who know me, this does not happen. Days off BY MYSELF do not happen. So I’m going to live it up as best as I can.
I tried to think of all the things I’d like to do. All of them involved spending large amounts of money on myself, but y’all know that is not in the cards. I previously mentioned hiking, but we are a one car family and the closest mountain requires a car ride. So the next best thing in my mind is hiking around the Atlanta Beltline until it’s time to pick up the gals from camp! I have several podcasts to catch up on and I’ve downloaded a new book to listen to from the library. My favorite Pandora stations will be on rotation. Snacks will be packed and maybe I will cross-stitch or journal during a break. All in all, I’m excited for some time to myself. Great for reflection and a reset before the chaos of the holiday season descends upon us.
I’m a big fan of Instagram stories {@happytubbs}, so feel free to follow my solo adventure around the Beltline. I’m hoping to log some quality miles, especially on the unpaved sections that I haven’t visited since it’s early inception.
Thanks Dance Camp!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017


The idea of two of everything when the gals were about to be born was so overwhelming. I remember having a mini-meltdown while organizing an oversized mound of hand-me-downs. So much STUFF. I’d like to think my minimalism roots started here. The idea of two of everything seemed so opulent, but it just boiled down to wasteful. We lived in a small space, and I’d like to think that we did the best that we could to keep it simple.
But now the gals are older. Our home is still small, so we crusade on. We talk about donating to those in need. We have a regular donate bag by the door that leaves monthly. If we don’t use or need it any more, into the bag it goes. Do I think there is still too much stuff in their room? Yep, of course I do! However, I want them to adopt my philosophies by choice, not by force. I can continue to guide, and hope that they too will understand that “things” are not important. People and experiences are what matter.
Today they found a left behind fidget spinner at the park and “Whoa Mom look at this! It’s so cool! It’s a Figgey Spinner! AHHHHH!”
So they aren’t immune. I get it.
In the long run though, I hope that they don’t think this day at the park was grand because they found a fidget spinner. I hope they think it’s grand because we hiked to the park on a beautiful day, found magnificent leaves, played catch, ran fast, practiced gymnastics, had snacks, kicked the ball, chased friends, and had fun as a family.


Friday, November 17, 2017

That's Enough

I’m trying to avoid the blog post with the explanation of where I’ve been. I’ve always been here, but struggle to find time to put everything into words beyond the easy Instagram post.
Post a picture with a caption.
That’s enough.
Satisfy the masses…
…or at least the grandmas?
Yet, I continue to have this never ending inner monologue. I am writing in my head, and sadly, none of it goes further. No pen to paper. No typing on a computer. So here’s the commitment to myself. Write for at least 30 minutes a day. Whether it be just a journal entry, or something much more, but in the long run, I’d like to get more of our experiences out there. I know with every challenge I’ve faced, there is someone out there that can relate.
I’ve contemplated for quite some time if this new blog will have a theme, and honestly that’s just too constricting at the moment. I enjoy so many experiences lately, that having one thing define me is overwhelming. I’m more than a mom, more than a runner, more than my job, more than a minimalist.
I’m more than that.

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