Monday, August 24, 2015

First Haircuts

I finally did it! The Gals got their first haircuts!
They always had such bald nuggets, so when their hair started to get longer, we just let it grow. 
Amelia went through the amazing toddler mullet phase and looked like a tiny Terry Bradsaw. Madeline’s hair grew wild, just like her personality. I never attempted the at home bangs cut either. I didn’t trust myself and I’d just probably end up scarring them for life.
Fast forward to today. The gals will be off to preschool in a couple weeks and seeing as this is their first foray into school, we might as well make it all official and get a haircut too!  They need to look somewhat put together at school, right?
We headed on over to Salon Red Kids. They have a train table, so it’s perfect for occupying one twin while the other gets their cut.
Both gals did great and we were in and out in no time! Madeline got a shoulder length cut and we just evened up Amelia’s and kept it longer.
All Finished!

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