Monday, February 9, 2015

First off...
Baby Caton is here!

Oh man are we excited. My sister had her sweet girl a few weeks ago and we are off to visit them in a couple days.
And we are flying.
**insert a picture of Munch's The Scream here**
We've never flown with the gals. The idea of it made us cringe. For our own sanity (and everyone else on the plane) we have always packed up the car and made road trips. The gals are great road trippers in fact! Always well behaved and don't mind the long haul.
But this is a special occasion and somewhat last minute.
And I will be going at it...ALONE.
I already have a list going. I'm bringing all the iPads, all the snacks, all the toys, and all the headphones that I can fit in my rucksack.
I will be rocking a massive double stroller, two car seats, two tiny backpacks, one day pack, and my massive hiking pack. (I will be checking the hiking pack, because the idea of dragging luggage and pushing a stroller seemed too much)
Dave has to work the day we leave, so we will be riding Marta down to the airport. I hope the thrill of riding the train will last the 50 minutes it takes to get down there. I also will have the pleasure of entertaining the gals at the gate all while trying not to lose one (or two?). I'm hoping snacks will be our savior at that point, because the precious battery life of the iPads will be saved for the actual flight.
But oh the joy of seeing Baby Caton! I am truly elated and it will totally be worth it. Not only will the gals be meeting their newest cousin, they might even get an opportunity to play in the snow! A true rarity for Southern kids.
All disaster aside, I'm somewhat excited to tackle this challenge. Just to tick it off the list of bad ass parenting. "Oh...traveling alone with twins you say? Been there...done that!"
So wish us luck! We're gonna need it!
Amelia is ready for the cold!

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