Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flight of the Tubbs: How I Survived Flying Alone with Twin Toddlers

It’s been a week since we flew back from Ohio, and I’m happy to say all parties returned home safely. Our trip was a whirlwind, hilarious, but most of all, fun. And while I shared our adventure live on Instagram, I thought I’d give an update here as well!
The day we left Atlanta we woke up bright and early so we could take the train down to the airport. Thank goodness for the massive stroller or else I wouldn’t have been able to carry all of our stuff!
Here’s where learning as I go began. The car seats didn’t do well in the space below the gals. I rearranged everything once we got onto the train and placed the car seats on top. I recommend Cosco brand for travel. Cheap, slim, and are well rated for safety. Another must that made our travel easier was wearing an old hiking pack instead of dragging luggage.
The girls were thrilled to ride the train. It was pretty awesome to watch the sun rise as we traveled through the city. At this juncture I was happy to report that iPads were not needed just yet. Instead we played a rousing game of “let’s count the stops till we get to the airport” on the closest train map. It was quite entertaining to say the least.
We made it to the airport with good time. As we approached security, the TSA agents opened up the line and sent me straight through to the family security check. That was amazing as it was a part of the trip I was dreading. We slowly but surely unloaded the stroller and the girls walked through the metal detector with me. After the agents checked the seats and stroller, we loaded everyone and everything back up again. Boy am I glad we have ourselves some extra time!
We were flying out of Terminal A, so I opted to walk instead of taking the airport train (it was a bit to crowed and we had the time). Once we arrived at the gate, the gals got squirmy and thus began round one of the iPads.
We boarded early and I got the car seats installed and the gals all situated. Apparently at this age a seat isn’t necessary, but I’m pretty sure their good behavior was directly related to them being buckled in with a 5 point harness!
I was nervous about their ears for takeoff and had fruit snacks at the ready. However, as the video shows, they loved taking off!

I packed the gals backpacks with new toys, puzzles, new Contico water bottles, coloring books, headphones and our old iPhones loaded with fun apps. We rotated through it all, so I’m glad I came prepared. I also got them little planes which I purchased  before our flight. The planes in the gift shops at the airport are ridiculously expensive.
After we landed, and by the time we got ourselves organized and off the plane, we arrived at baggage claim with our bag ready to go and my mom waiting to pick us up! The gals did so well, and I even had a few people tell me that as they were leaving the plane!
The only thing I didn’t prepare myself for was the gals kicking the seats in front of them. As much as I pleaded with them, they just didn’t get it. To the people in front of them…I apologize!
Our trip home was much of the same. We had a slight delay in Detroit, but of course, the iPads saved the day. We had a blast in Ohio, Baby Caton is the cutest thing ever, but man were we exhausted by the end of the trip.
I can now confidently say that I no longer dread taking the gals on an airplane!

Monday, February 9, 2015

First off...
Baby Caton is here!

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