Monday, May 19, 2014

A Gal and her Phone

I originally started off thinking I would post about how proud I was of myself for not being on my phone all weekend, but then I realized why...
This past weekend I spent several days with some of my favorite people. We had our 10 year college reunion, and it felt like we had never left.

As soon as I checked in, I ran to UDF, looked for Comb Over Clint (he sadly does not work there anymore), and bought myself a Luna Bar (a healthier update from my 22 year old self) & a Limerita (a new addition, thank god these weren't available back then)
I searched for my friends who were already there, but since they hadn't posted their whereabouts on their AIM away messages (oh we don't do that anymore do we?), I was at a loss. I texted, phoned, & even Instagrammed.
I grabbed my stuff from my car, and was quickly greeted at the entrance of the dorm by 3 lovely ladies I hadn't seen since our 5 year reunion. The party had officially begun, and I barely touched my phone again.
In odd moments of solitude, aka, trying to recover from Friday night. I posted a send coffee selfie (see below) & checked in with the hubs to see how the gals were doing. But other than that I didn't really need my phone. The people who I interact with on Social Media daily were here. We were interacting with each other and that was all I needed.

But it got me thinking - I'm not the high and mighty type that looks down on others with their faces in their phones. This weekend solidified that entirely. These people are the ones who make me check my phone. Who keep me entertained regularly while my kids nap and before I go to bed at a ridiculously early hour.
Being a parent can be isolating.
We don't intentionally do it. I make the effort to schedule play dates for my own social interaction as much as my kids, but the reality is, if we go out, it's as a family. We know our schedule, our routine, and can predict our kids nuts behavior.
I am very social, very outgoing, and I love my friends. I need to chat with them on iMessage everyday and show them pictures of my kids climbing up a bookshelf because I am obviously such an awesome parent. It's why I love the ladies I chat with on twitter too (so if we could just organize a reunion type event, that'd be great). But the gals come with me to work, we moved to the burbs, & our commute sucks. We don't see our local friends like we used to.
So honestly, no worries. Check your phone. Take millions of pictures of your food, your self, your kids, and your pets. I want to see them. Tell me how your day is. I want to share the joy you feel or send good thoughts if shit just sucks lately.
But please quit sharing those damn quizzes.

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