Saturday, April 5, 2014

w:14 y:14

To say we are having fun with this new camera is an understatement. 

The gals stayed home with dad on Monday to watch the Braves Opening Game!

Kid is a pro at the playground. I seriously have no problem letting her roam the place all by herself.

This lasted a good 15 minutes. Teamwork man. I think we need to buy a sandbox ASAP.

Adorable outfits from Auntie Pat & Uncle Al.

I woke up with the HOFF in my google plus inbox. Made my day.

Yea mom. Just because we are twins doesn't make this fun.

Skinned knees & warm temps. Summer is on it's way!!

Again. Amelia has no fear. Climbed up the 3 stories all by herself and flew down the slide, no problem.

Big kid. Bigger Ball.

This mirror is always dirty.

Fishing for rocks.

Does it make us official homeowners when we finally take care of the shit show that is our lawn??

So once the lawn was taken care of, we went out to play, and of course I brought out the new camera.

A Gal.

Snack break.





Break on the Hill.


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