Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Wanna Go Potty?"

I'm struggling with this one. I've got two little ones chirping in my ear that they want to go potty, but the reality is, I'm not ready.
Because...potty training is hard!
We are often out of the house & a diaper change is WAY easier.
The act of putting two on the toliet every hour, constantly changing wet undies, or wiping pee off the carpet makes me cringe. Either I'm just so used to our routine, or I'm super lazy.
I'm thinking it's the lazy part.
Outside of our 7 weeks in the NICU, the Gals journey in life has been a spectacular one. They sleep, they eat, and they play together or independenly very well. So I feel like, not only have I been very lucky, but I also haven't been pushed out of my comfort zone.
This my friends is a challenge & possibly out of my spectrum.
It needs to be done, but can I do it?
Any tips on potty training twins?

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