Monday, March 17, 2014

Twins Man

I get it.
We are amusing.
"Oh wow TWINS!"
I've heard it all & on most days, I'm glad to oblige and will carry on with the witty banter.
Then there was yesterday.
We decided (and later regretted) to go to a local antique market to check out their wares. We were hoping that the gals would nap in the car or in the carriers while we perused the aisles.
No one napped in the car.
We paid our 6 bucks and parked. Hubs didn't feel like carrying the massive hiking pack, so I volunteered. We put our smaller gal in the Ergo on hub's back and the world obviously ended.
Mad Madeline was pissed.
We tried to let her get through it & checked out some of the vendors outside.
She wasn't having it.
She obviously didn't care that I really wanted to talk to the guy selling Adirondack Chairs, so I could relive the joys of my youth when I spent my summers at camp in Maine.
Hubs was getting frustrated.
I was getting frustrated that Hubs was frustrated.
So this happened:

And our "Oh wow TWINS" turned into our own traveling circus.
I literally had to chat with every old person in the place while grimacing & carrying 55lbs of kid.
But...the mad one fell asleep & it was glorious.
You gotta do what ya gotta do man.

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