Thursday, March 27, 2014


Elevators are fantastic!
You ride up!
You ride down!
And in the gals case they get to "PUSH" (the button)!!!
It was a routine trip to Target and the gals were restless. I was in search of crap I didn't need & of course, the plight of the twin mom, all the double carts were taken. I have one gal buckled in and the mad one running by my side.
Or at least she was by my side...
Ugh. That sick feeling in your stomach.
Where is Madeline?
Then I hear "PUSH!"
Off to the elevator I sprint, just in time for the door to shut in my face & send Madeline down to the first floor.
I quickly press the button and the door won't reopen & I wait a zillion seconds for the other elevator to open.
Amelia and I ride down to the first floor. I can hear the alarm going off in the other elevator & I'm quite certain Madeline is having a ball pushing ALL the buttons.
Well thanks to her alarm stops, Amelia and I made it down to the first floor before Madeline and I scooped her up as soon as the doors opened.
So yea.
Elevators man.

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