Sunday, March 30, 2014

w:13 y:14

OH the gals are now offically two. 

So we spent the week doing big kid things as only big kids do.

Birthday Donuts from Krispie Kreme an ATL must.

Supporting Sport Relief c/o our family across the pond.

Coloring at our 2 year check up. We actually color the picture now. Pretty neat.

Doesn't care that she's a preemie. Kicking butt & taking names. 98% for height.

Alfie hates us.

Lady long legs strutting her stuff.

Madeline Selfie.

We don't get lost on elevators when we ride in the double carts at Costco.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Wanna Go Potty?"

I'm struggling with this one. I've got two little ones chirping in my ear that they want to go potty, but the reality is, I'm not ready.
Because...potty training is hard!
We are often out of the house & a diaper change is WAY easier.
The act of putting two on the toliet every hour, constantly changing wet undies, or wiping pee off the carpet makes me cringe. Either I'm just so used to our routine, or I'm super lazy.
I'm thinking it's the lazy part.
Outside of our 7 weeks in the NICU, the Gals journey in life has been a spectacular one. They sleep, they eat, and they play together or independenly very well. So I feel like, not only have I been very lucky, but I also haven't been pushed out of my comfort zone.
This my friends is a challenge & possibly out of my spectrum.
It needs to be done, but can I do it?
Any tips on potty training twins?

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Elevators are fantastic!
You ride up!
You ride down!
And in the gals case they get to "PUSH" (the button)!!!
It was a routine trip to Target and the gals were restless. I was in search of crap I didn't need & of course, the plight of the twin mom, all the double carts were taken. I have one gal buckled in and the mad one running by my side.
Or at least she was by my side...
Ugh. That sick feeling in your stomach.
Where is Madeline?
Then I hear "PUSH!"
Off to the elevator I sprint, just in time for the door to shut in my face & send Madeline down to the first floor.
I quickly press the button and the door won't reopen & I wait a zillion seconds for the other elevator to open.
Amelia and I ride down to the first floor. I can hear the alarm going off in the other elevator & I'm quite certain Madeline is having a ball pushing ALL the buttons.
Well thanks to her alarm stops, Amelia and I made it down to the first floor before Madeline and I scooped her up as soon as the doors opened.
So yea.
Elevators man.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Gals are TWO!

Oh what a day! The Gals are TWO!

We had a few friends over & Dave's mom was able to come into town. We had a blast, the weather was gorgeous & couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

Dave also got me an early birthday present...a new camera! The pictures turned out really well.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

w:12 y:14

cars & snacks.

Playdate with our pal Revel. 
Amelia was quite the ninja baby and ran through the swings while Revel was pushing Madeline.

Our new favorite place to snooze is behind the door. All things from the crib join her.

Putting the gals to work.

Ready for a long run.

Grandma Gail got the gals a fancy new kitchen for their upcoming birthday!

Breakfast & their new kitchen.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Twins Man

I get it.
We are amusing.
"Oh wow TWINS!"
I've heard it all & on most days, I'm glad to oblige and will carry on with the witty banter.
Then there was yesterday.
We decided (and later regretted) to go to a local antique market to check out their wares. We were hoping that the gals would nap in the car or in the carriers while we perused the aisles.
No one napped in the car.
We paid our 6 bucks and parked. Hubs didn't feel like carrying the massive hiking pack, so I volunteered. We put our smaller gal in the Ergo on hub's back and the world obviously ended.
Mad Madeline was pissed.
We tried to let her get through it & checked out some of the vendors outside.
She wasn't having it.
She obviously didn't care that I really wanted to talk to the guy selling Adirondack Chairs, so I could relive the joys of my youth when I spent my summers at camp in Maine.
Hubs was getting frustrated.
I was getting frustrated that Hubs was frustrated.
So this happened:

And our "Oh wow TWINS" turned into our own traveling circus.
I literally had to chat with every old person in the place while grimacing & carrying 55lbs of kid.
But...the mad one fell asleep & it was glorious.
You gotta do what ya gotta do man.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

w:11 y:14

rainy day.

out playing in the street with the neighbors.

twins man.

fernbank whale watch.

yep. that's my kid.

braves or mudhens fan?

picking a winner.

hunting for dinos.

popcorn thief.

the water table works.

really big kid.

big fish.

their favorite big kid.

daylight savings time is my favorite.

lunch break at the park.

best group pic we could get.

move to the burbs. buy large obnoxious plastic thing for the backyard.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toddler Torture Chamber aka Gym Daycare

A big part of my first couple years with the gals has been getting back into shape. Returning to the fighting weight of my glory years right?
Glory years aside, we got a membership at the YMCA because the daycare is usually pretty quality. We found a branch we loved & the gals as smalls got used to the baby room and learned to like their jaunts in toy heaven.
Then they turned into toddlers. New room, new people, new toddler attitudes. The instant we make the turn down the hallway where drop of is comes ALL the tears.
I get the sympathetic glances from YMCA staff as I make my way down the hallway, forcing a smile with screaming twins at my feet.
Then Thomas and his mom run by.
Thomas LOVES daycare!
"Look gals! Thomas LOVES daycare! Let's follow him!"
More screams.
We finally get to the door, I throw the gals over the gate, grab my armband, and run out before my presence causes anymore harm.
I can only imagine the dread in the workers minds.
"Crap the Tubbs twins are here!"
I haven't been called out of a workout in a while. So there is the silver lining. They obviously calm down. I can get in my much needed workout & then I feel better for the rest of the day.
I also get a chance to sit on the bench in the lobby, breath, and catch up on my twitter feed.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

w:10 y:14

Not impressed

magnified nap




ready for baseball
playground & cutlery

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