Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hiked: Amiacoloa State Falls Park

Well the Tubbs were supposed to be at the beach this week.

**Huge Sigh**

We ended up cancelling our plans because of how our first offer on our condo was going. We were stressed, we didn't know if we should spend the money on a vacation, and we had no clue what the future would hold.

Everything turned out well with the condo & our move, but the beach trip was still cancelled. Boo, maybe we shouldn't have done that! Ha! 

So this week has been & will be, the Tubbs take on Georgia.

Up first: Amiacoloa State Falls Park. It's only a couple hours north of the city & boasts beautiful & accessible trails for all.  We were so excited to test out our new to us hiking pack! (major consignment store score by the way!!!)

Amelia got to ride in luxury while poor Maddie was squished to my back in the Ergo. Can you tell I'm jealous, and that I want my own pack too?!?!

The first part of the hike is pretty strenuous. It's stairs that go all the way to the top of the falls. Luckily for Dave, they had spots to rest.

The first overlook was beautiful! The Gals had a blast. They were constantly screaming "WOW" & "GO, GO, GO!"

The view at the top was even better!

We rambled around the rest of the park & hiked the long way down. We were really proud of how well the Gals did while riding in packs for a couple hours. I see many more hikes in our future!

Here's a video Dave made of our day trip! 

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