Saturday, September 28, 2013

So Where Are We Now?

I realized with my last post that I didn't update y'all on our awesome new digs.

Oh wait, maybe that's because our new place is a frightening apartment that we cannot wait to move out of!

Finding a short term lease in Atlanta is hard. Finding one that is affordable? Even harder.  So we used a local company called Promove to help our search and we ended up *GASP* OTP in the Norcross/Doraville area.

The day before we were to move into our apartment, we got a call from the leasing agent that the unit was not ready. Could we wait a few days?


Weeks of planning. Movers hired. Condo under contract and to be sold a few days later.

NO. We could not postpone our move.

After many frustrating phone calls, they moved us to another unit. We are now on the second floor. (Awesome when you are trying to carry in twins, even better when you have to pay movers more money to move your crap up an additional flight of stairs).

Gas company called. Everything changed. Cable called. Everything changed. Post Office called. Everything changed. Thanks apartment people.

It was a long & expensive day, but we were moved. The loft was cleaned & sold and now we are living the dream in apartment #3321.

Our washing machine leaked the first time we used them. A maintenance worker banged on our door at 3AM with no identification trying to rectify the situation. Understandable, but not cool dude.

We apparently live next to and above the next up and coming DJ. DJ BASS FX WILL HIT YOU WITH THE DOPE ASS BEATS ALL THE TIME.

Thank goodness the gals sleep.

Smoker downstairs = We are now smokers, because it seeps into our place once a cigarette is lit.

I know all this complaining is so annoying but I swear there is a purpose.

It leads to my next post...

We are building a house that will be done in November and we are SO FREAKING EXCITED.

Apartment life sucks, but it will all be worth it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodbye Loft!

These past few months have been a whirlwind, so I'd like to take a moment to update everyone!

Back in July, we noticed our lofts had almost sold all the the new inventory in our building. The market was doing really well, and after much discussion, we thought it was best to put the loft on the market. We had hoped to stick around for a few more years making updates to accommodate our family, but lets face it, 4 people in a one bedroom loft just doesn't cut it.  The gals are walking and the wrought iron stairs are a death trap.

We got recommendations from a friend and hired a local realtor. He saw he potential in our loft & we got the ball rolling. The stager came through & her message was simple. Basically put everything in storage! Ha! We worked out butts off to simplify the loft, clean, & redecorate. And of course a bigger storage unit was leased.

The loft was only on the market for a few days & we were under contract. However, long story short, that fell through because of low appraisal. We were so bummed, but had hope that the right person who had the cash would come through. Well, one day back on the market, and we had two new offers. Both were of fining up extra cash if the appraisal was low. We went with the higher offer & as of Friday the loft was SOLD!

It was certainly a rollercoaster, that one blog post can't even begin to capture, but looking back now it was all worth it.

We said goodbye to our loft last week & it was a bittersweet day. It's the place we brought the gals home to & we will never forget all the great memories we had here.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flower girl Amelia

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dad’s on baby duty while I pack the kitchen. One last roof hangout!

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