Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer in Ohio

Last week we spent some time in Ohio with my family & it was absolutely glorious. The weather was PERFECT & the Limeritas tasted good.

Our first night there, one of my mom's friends metioned in passing how she visits our blog.

Our blog?

Crap, I forgot about that thing!

So realizing that we have zero family here in Atlanta, it might be worth my while to actually keep up this site for family & friends throughout the world...we love sharing the gals with y'all!

Dirty knees & porch sittin' is the only way to go in the OWE

While in the Glass City, we hopped all around town, still doing our best to relax.

We caught a concert at the arboretum.

Nani pushing the troops down to the park to listen to some live music with the hipsters.

We visited the best zoo in the land! The Toledo Zoo! {I worked here in high school as a summer job, so I'm a bit impartial}

Obigitory picture on the stone elephant. {It's been there since the WPA days}

We celebrated Uncle Aaron's birthday with a huge fish fry!!

Birthday Boy
Carrot Cake WIN!

Cousin Ray enjoying all the desserts
We visited neighbors!

Flamingo Love in the OWE
Visiting Gary & Mark

Mark has all the goodies to keep the kids sweet

The gals got spoiled the instant they got into the house. My mom is the queen of consignment shopping & put her Grandma skills to the test. The girls were always entertained.

In the OWE, most of the summer days are spent on the porch. We had many picnics out here. It was just too goregous out not to!

This gal was obsessed with the rocker. Hours of quiet time spent here.

Amelia & Aunt Rachel!
Rachel "let" us go for a cruise in her sweet ride to the local ice cream place. I loved all the drooling stares the middle aged men gave her as she beat them off the line.

Dave was happy to finally find a cherry dipped ice cream
We hit up one of our favorite restaurants for some riverside dining. 

We found that the only way to get the girls to stop climbing the stairs, was for them to sit down on them. It's now their most favorite thing ever.

 There was night bocce.

And pigtails.

And Light Saber battles.

I'd say it was a good trip.


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