Saturday, August 11, 2012


These past two months have been so amazing. All of our family either resides in the north or across the pond, so only a handful of them have met the babes.  However, both sides of our family have been able to finally come down and meet the babes face to face - no isolettes in between them!

Last time our mothers were here they weren't allowed to hold them (only Dave & I were). So we couldn't wait till they came to visit again!

My parents previously lived in Atlanta, so they really lucked out when a friend was able to offer them their house while they were at their cabin in Canada.


The next crew to come was my sister, aunt, & cousin! Lots of estrogen flowing & ooo-ing and ahh-ing ensued.

This weekend Dave's mom & brother are in town and the babes have had a blast! Not to mention Amelia is completely in love with Dave's brother Wesley.

We are so thankful for everyone that was able to visit us!

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