Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adventures with Rice Cereal

When we got the okay from our doctor to try rice cereal, I had mixed emotions, but then I realized that my babes were ready for this next step.  So I cruised down to hipster kroger, bought some cereal, totally unnecessary kids bowls, & a few more spoons to add to our already large arsenal of baby gear. I'm well aware that there isn't much nutritional value in rice cereal, but i'm excited for the girls to learn how to eat with a spoon & to get some extra calories in during the day. I had dreams of baby led weaning, but with all our feeding issues & prematurity, I'm worried that the girls might not do so well with it. I haven't ruled it out just yet - but I wanted them to give this a go. Being a preemie mom you are constantly worried about weight & if the babes are getting enough food, so for now, for us, this works.

Our first attempt was quite hilarious & absolutely adorable. I expected the food to go everywhere {which it did} but both girls actually did really well. Maddie was pretty messy, but Amelia was a hungry little gal & was all about it!

not a huge fan of the bumbo


  1. The top right pic of A is hilarious! She's like wtf are you going to feed me?


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