Friday, April 6, 2012

Wait & See

The girls have had truly an amazing week. They were moved up to the 7th floor, where they focus on feeding & growing. With some hard work, the girlies next step should be home!

The doctor calls them the top of their class. They are eating more, gaining weight, and no longer need to be in the isolettes for temperature regulation. The best part is...they are wearing clothes!! 

Both girls have now had their first bottles & in the next few days will work on the breast. At this age they have to learn how to breath & eat at the same time. Right now they will eat and forget to breath, so we help them out a bit by pulling the bottle out after about 3 sips. 

With all this progress, there are some "wait & see" type issues both girls are dealing with. Basically the doctors & nurses have explained to me that "it could be nothing" or "it should heal on its own." Not the most reassuring language to a fretting new mother, but I have to take their word for it. Both girls have a possible grade 1 brain bleed, Amelia still has a murmur, & they are watching the growth of Amelia's skull {in hopes that the bones are not fusing together too quickly}. All are conditions that can heal themselves, but all can also cause serious harm to the girls. So for now we wait & see...

In good news, the girls are also more alert, playful & sometimes cranky. See below :)

Thank you Aunt Rachel for our cute outfits!

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  1. They are soooo cute! Terribly worrying I know but you sound focused and strong. Keep goIng, not long till you are home!!!


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