Monday, April 2, 2012


I get really excited for mornings. That's when the doctor calls & tells me the news of the day for our two babes. They have been doing so well lately, it's such a nice reassurance when the doc calls & let's me know how they are progressing.

Madeline is now IV free!! Which means that she has been eating enough & doesn't need extra help.  They hope that Amelia will be in the same place by the end of today or tomorrow.  We've been able to get the girls out a lot more & do skin to skin. This has to be my favorite time of day. Both girls saw the OT recently, & have moved up to Stage 3. They have more voluntary movements, they like staring at faces & a few other things which I have already seemed to have forgotten.  Amelia still has her murmur, but the doctor is still waiting for it to heal itself.  Hopefully the next step will be the get these girls nice & fat! When they are ready we will start feeding through the breast & bottle.

The NICU has also seemed to have quieted down this week. We were happily informed that tonight Madeline will be finally moved next to her sister!

It's tough having babes in the NICU, but at least we have Maddie around to make us giggle...

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