Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the girls!

By the time we took those pictures, we had already fed & played with the girls for the day, so they were way passed out.

We didn't spend our Easter like most. No church, no family brunch beheading a lamb cake @ Carranor Hunt & Polo Club {a Winder family tradition}, & no Easter egg hunts. Instead we went to visit our beautiful babes in the hospital. 

We got the good news today that Amelia is now 4 pounds!! Madeline is almost there at 3 lbs 15.2 ounces. Both girls are getting some protein & calorie additives to my breast milk, so that should fatten them up nicely in the coming weeks. The girls have been attempting bottle & breast feeding. Maddie has picked it up a little quicker than Amelia, but both are showing great progression.

eating is hard work!

Maddie worked on breastfeeding today & did a great job. Even after she was through, she still wanted some time with her paci. This girl sucks so loud, all the nurses can hear her at their station around the corner. Pro! 

Well it wasn't like most people's Easter, but we still enjoyed every minute!


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