Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Day at a Time

Yesterday was my first full day home from the hospital since being admitted on Feb 23rd.  It was strange to be outside, in another season, with everything green, but without my babies. The ceremonial wheel you to the car was ridiculously depressing. As other mom's left with their adorable bundles of joy, I left with the huge amount of crap I had accumulated while living at the hospital. Oh and paperwork. Tons of paperwork.

But it's something I have to accept. The tears will fall, there's no doubt about that. However, I have to keep reminding myself that they are in the best place possible & will grow up to be beautiful healthy girls.

After my overwhelming day yesterday, we decided it was best to take a late night peek at the girls.  The doctor's update in the morning was positive.  I knew that they were going to try and take Amelia's CPAP off and replace it with a high flow nasal cannula {a step down from the CPAP, which is a good thing!}. So I was excited to see if the transition had worked...and it did! We finally got to see her face!! Well sorta - she had her sunglasses on for her sunbath in the bili lights.

Letting us Know she's #1
It was seriously so refreshing to see her with less tubes all over. She was eating all her feeds yesterday and they plan on bumping up her intake today!

The OT stopped by & also left us a list of Amelia's likes & dislikes.

She also showed off her beautiful long legs to us. Wonder where she got those from??

After saying goodnight to Amelia we shuffled down the hallway to the unit that Madeline was in. Her nurse let us have her bili light's off for a bit so we could snap a few close-ups.

Maddie didn't eat much of her food today, so they are keeping her on the same round of intake today, in hopes she will have a better day. She still has her cord line in & cannot be removed from her caleo. If she does get better at eating, then the cord line can be removed.

Apparently this child cannot sit still. I know exactly where that trait came from {cough, cough, Dave}. The nurses take the time to put her in different positions, only to find her flopped out and relaxing a completely different way.

straight loungin'
Even thought she was sleeping, and it was probably just gas, she gave me a quick smile that melted my heart. We also caught her trying to catch a quick taste of her thumb.

So here's to another day that goes by smoothly. We can't wait till these girls are home with us!


  1. Beautiful girls! I'm so happy for you. Glad they're doing well. I hope you get to take them home soon!

  2. Gorgeous girls!! xxxxxxxxx

    Best wishes from Emma and Eva xxx

    1. aww thanks em! can't wait to bring them across the pond!

  3. Loving these girls! I can't wait until they are home with you, too! Soon and very soon, I pray!

  4. Becca - that's aheck of a moving story. What else can I say? I'll be back for more !
    Uncle Jerry


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