Thursday, March 29, 2012

Her Beautiful Face

After the girls were born, they were able to clean up Maddie pretty quick & asses that she was capable of breathing on her own. They laid her on my chest & I was able to catch a few peeks of her eyes as she blinked up at me. We took a few pictures and she was quickly swept away to the NICU.

Amelia, however, had a tougher time & instantly had a CPAP on her face. I didn't even get a chance to see her because she was wheeled by so fast.

Every time we visited her in the NICU you could barely see her face, I didn't know what my baby looked like.  

Finally, two days ago she was put on a nasal cannula & we got a glimpse of her dirty blond hair. But she still had her "sunglasses" on.

And then there was today. The day I've been looking forward to. Today I got to hold Amelia for the first time! I scheduled a skin to skin appointment with her & got to hold her for 70 minutes during her feeding time. It was so nice to snuggle her for that long. Her tiny little bottom fit in the palm of my hand.  She's been doing better with her breathing as well, so while we cuddled she was able to breath at room air.  Skin to skin isn't the best for gazing at baby, so when the nurse put her back into the caleo & before she turned on the bili lights, I got to see her beautiful face.

Amelia has had a tough time & has a long road ahead of her. The doctor thought that he heard a heart murmur today, so they are keeping an eye on that. But for now I am dwelling in the moment that I got to share with one of my precious babes today.

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