Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breathing on her own

Yesterday Dave had an awesome afternoon & held Amelia for the first time.  He said she was pretty active & kept grabbing at her nasal cannula trying to remove it.

Well apparently with all that pulling she got it off herself! The nurse let her run with it & now Amelia is breathing on her own!

I had already planned on spending the morning in the NICU & then going to visit a friend who just had her baby at the same hospital {the twins new BFF}. So now I was even more excited to see Amelia without tubes all over her face! Dave went down to Maddie's nursery to hold her & I got to go hang out with Amelia & snap a few pictures. We've spent most of the day trying to see if the girls look alike.

The only disheartening thing was that the murmur is still present. The nurse told me not to worry just yet, since they are still keeping an eye on it, hoping that it will fix itself.  The cardiologist saw her today & we will probably get the results of her echocardiogram tomorrow. Chances are it's her PDA valve causing the murmur & it will eventually close on its own. If not our options are medications first & if all else fails surgery.

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