Sunday, March 4, 2012

10 Days Down, 39 To Go! Week 28 Update

This week has had a lot of ups and downs, but as Sunday ends, I'm even more hopeful that we will make it through this hospital bed rest.

Last Sunday the babes were monitoring well, but I wasn't. I was having too many contractions per hour & had to have a lot of fluids pushed. Dave was hoping to head to work on Monday, so he was at home, and made a late night trip back to the hospital just in case. I had myself a good little cry, but was able to make it through the night.  Morning monitoring went well & I haven't had to have an IV fluid push since.

Upon our arrival here we found out that I was fighting an e.coli infection & strain which was not responding to the first set of antibiotics I was on.  It was also a strain that was very bad for a NICU baby. Scary.  A second course of antibiotics was started on Monday and at last test the infection is gone!!

Both the babes & myself have monitored well over the week & we were so thrilled to hit 28 weeks on Thursday.  Just an extra week cooking and making it to the third trimester gives our babes a better chance.  They have however, been having some issues at night time monitoring as of recent. There have been some dips in heartrate & running a high heart rate that had me monitored 3x a day as opposed to our regular 2. I'm hoping it's just the babies being busy & jumping off the monitor instead of anything too drastic. Apparently twins aren't always very cooperative on the monitor - not to mention my own heartrate seemed to get picked up every now and then.

We got to see the babes every Monday & Thursday. There it was determined that baby A was in fact the sac that ruptured. However, even though her fluid is lower, she is still considered "Low Normal." We get to see them tomorrow. I can't wait.

I had my 1 hour gestational diabetes test on Friday & I did not pass. I was pretty worried, but knew that it was common in twins & I was in the right place to treat it correctly. The 3 hour test was schedule for this morning & I passed with flying colors. I have a strange suspition that the milkshake I had a day prior to the first test might have thrown off the results, but boy was it worth it! Thanks Dale!! :)
Another positive today: I got my IV out! Here's hoping those contractions stay away, because I really like my arms to heal up!! Oh, and the best part...I got a bed extension!! Now my feet won't get crunched up at the end of the bed anymore!!

I've had a lot of great visitors & tons of support from my family, friends, and tweeps. Thanks again, you don't know how much it means to know that you are standing by me!

So we've got 10 days down in the hospital and 39 to go!! Keep on Cooking!!

Got pics of my babes hanging up & some lovely art work by Ava

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