Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 26 Update

Well it's been several weeks & the changes have been dramatic!

The babes have doubled in size. At my last update they were both around 1 pound, now baby A is 2.4lbs & baby B is 2lbs. Both are measuring right on track & I'm happy to report that Baby A's femur is measuring 2 weeks ahead - long legs like mom!! So inevitably, with the babes getting bigger, so is this belly! At the beginning of my third trimester in 2 weeks, adding the babes weight together will equal the size of a full term singleton! That fact reminds me - I'm going to be huge!!

I haven't gotten really uncomfortable just yet - but I might be interfering with Dave's sleep pattern with my frequent trips to the bathroom & tossing & turning. All those books that said I would see some bladder relief during the second trimester were lying! The bathroom & I have become great friends.

I'm also starting to slow down a bit.  After running next to Ava & helping her ride her 2 wheel bike on Friday, I had to take a break because was completely winded! She made me work hard, but of course I didn't let her know I was tired :) Our weekend walks have also gotten shorter, but mainly due to constant need to find the loo!

Now, here are some baby & belly pix!

The babes are getting harder & harder to photograph! They are getting pretty squished in there, but our OWU alum (awesome right?) ultrasound tech was able to get some good ones. There's even an up close shot of Baby A's lady parts - never modest us gals!

The belly has finally risen higher, which helps me a ton!

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