Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 16 Update

On Wednesday we had another appointment with the perinatologist.  We get to see him in between visits with our regular doctor & I can't begin tell you how awesome this is for the head & the heart, to be able to see our babes more often.

Our ultra sound tech was explaining to us that she would be doing anatomy scans for us every few weeks so that she can make sure the babies are growing properly.  They also do it more frequently because sometimes they can't get all the measurements they need in one sitting, since the babes can be so wiggly, or their position isn't that great.

Right out the gate, the tech went straight for the goods. At 16 weeks, we knew that there was a chance that everything wasn't developed, or the babes might not be cooperative, but we were hopeful. So far it looks like we have 2 rowdy ladies in there! Dave is already planning their softball career, while I myself (after being reminded by my college tennis buddy, Kelsey) believe I have doubles partners on my hands.

The rest of the appointment went well. I always enjoy visiting this doctor. He's a high risk doc so he sees all types of ladies, but every time we are there he marvels at our natural twins. He kinda sounds like a stoner at times."Wow, that is just so amazing..."

I love it.

Here are some more pictures of the babes for the collection.

Finally, at the request of my sister, here is another belly pic. I'm ready for a nice big bump...not so much yet, but I will get there!

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