Thursday, November 10, 2011

Third Ultrasound - 11w6d

Talk about anxiety week. As we get closer to the 2nd trimester, where I hope to breath some sign of relief, I instead find myself googling ridiculousness & worrying about every twinge that just doesn't feel right.

Neurosis aside we made it to our Perinatoligst appointment. I like to think it's an early introduction to the hospital where the babes will be born.

Not knowing what to expect at all, I was more excited to see the babes than the implications of the scan itself. I had already told Dave that no matter what these tests showed, I wasn't going to do any further testing.

In the exam room, my heart was racing. I had only known that our babes were twins for 2 weeks, but the idea of us losing one or both, was absolutely fresh on my mind.

And then, there they were.

Two babes, two heartbeats, sitting on top of one another like a bunk bed.

Squirming, dancing, playing.

Doc gave us the "normal" measurements.

Then Baby A (on the bottom bunk), started kicking Baby B (on the top bunk) & was making s/he bop all around. Sibling rivalry has begun.

We are ecstatic.

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