Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second Ultrasound - 9w5d

We were so excited & nervous to get back to the doctor for our 2nd ultrasound.  Since the babe was still small I was just hoping to see that little heartbeat flicker again.

And oh boy did we see a heartbeat.

In fact, we saw 2.

2?!?!?!?! Excuse me doctor??? What did you just say??? 2?!?!?!

Holy Shit. Twins. In fact, I believe that Dave might have dropped an F-Bomb or 2.

The rest of the appointment was somewhat of a blur. Next thing I knew, we were scheduling an appointment with the Perinatologist at Northside Hospital for our NT Scan in 2 weeks.


Why do we have to go to the hospital?

I guess they are better prepared to monitor twins than my doctor. But in the long run, the extra monitoring makes me feel better & I hope to get to see our babes more often.

Post appointment, I email the grandmas the ultra sound pix & tell them the news. We get pretty excited/WTF happened phone calls from both our mothers approximately 5 seconds later.

From here on out come all the OMG we need 2 of everything thoughts. However, after all that settles, the idea of 2 becomes so wonderful that you can't imagine anything else.

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