Thursday, March 11, 2010

Property Virgins

So by the time that we figured Dave and I would be ready to buy a house, I was sure that we were going to call HGTV and Sandra to help us in our search. Instead, things turned out a bit different for us.

I would like to thank our neighbors upstairs for helping us get to our current situation. Their disco parties, elephant like stomping, and the flooding of their bathtub, made us want to move out of the hell hole that is our apartment complex. Not to mention the "Smith" like fire alarms at all hours of the day and night. In our search we thought we would continue to rent and stumbled on a craigslist add for "The Stacks." The rent seemed affordable & when I went to the company website, I realized buying a condo might just be a possibility there as well.

No matter what we knew we wanted to move back into the city. We were completely over Dunwoody and wanted to be in a place where we could walk or ride our bikes to everything - even to Turner Field!

The Stacks are condos converted from the old Fulton County Cotton Mill. There were apartments there first (not that great) but they are converting them all into nice condos. We are buying directly from the builder and our part of the project is the second phase. It took the builder a little longer than expected due to the Tornado in March 2008.

So here we are - under contract for a condo at The Stacks and we can't wait for everything to be finalized...fingers crossed!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wedding Photos

Here is the link to the professional wedding photos and the pictures taken by friends and family.

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