Saturday, September 19, 2009

East Atlanta Strut 5k

Today we decided to put some of our marathon training to the test! We signed up for the East Atlanta Strut 5k a few weeks ago because a few friends had recommended it. I have only done a few 5k's before, and this was Dave's first! We were both pretty excited till we drove through the course last week...holy hills!!

Well it really wasn't the end of the world for Dave, who has been training outside and taking a route with some nice hills on it. I on the other hand have been rocking the treadmill after work and usually only run outside on our long runs on the weekend. So needless to say I was a little nervous about our endeavor.

Immediately out of the gate Dave left myself and my friend Amy behind! We ran together for almost 2 miles, when i had to taper off because a very large hill. I guess in the end Amy caught up with Dave and beat him by 2 seconds...haha! I kept trucking and came in around 2 minutes after Amy and Dave.

We were also really lucky - it poured all the way to the race, stopped while we ran, and poured all the way home. All in all it was really fun, Dave was wondering what the next one will be! I think that we will look into a 10k in the area. Any suggestions?

Amy Atteberry - 28:21 - 129/340
David Tubbs Jr. - 28:23 - 132/340
Rebecca Winder - 30:18 - 165/340
Jess Zmuda - 36:28 - 272/320

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