Monday, June 15, 2009

Back in Funwoody

Never thought that I would say this...but i'm pretty pumped to be living back in Dunwoody! We are both finally closer to work and couldn't be happier.  Dave and I busted ass this weekend and moved ourselves in about 4 hours. We were champs and pretty darn proud of ourselves - cept for the fact that we "missed" the cable guy and were without cable and internet for a few days. *gasp* but it's all good, because after some bitching on my part we lowered our cable bill by about 50 bucks for the next 12 months!

the kitties are enjoying the all the room in our new place, although they were quite freaked out at first. 

the next step is unpacking all the crap we have accumulated over the years and getting a few more things out of storage. My dad is coming down this weekend to bring back my scooter and i can't wait to save some money on gas by not filling up the jeep once a week.

to all the out of town now actually have a room to stay more crashing on the couch!! :)


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