Saturday, May 2, 2009

lost then found...

so the whole buying a wedding dress was completely overwhelming to me. i'd been to a few different places and didn't really find anything that i liked. so i basically have been putting it off for some time now. last weekend i felt good about all the running and such that i have been doing and my two best friends were in town - so i decided to go for it again.  some members of the center that i work at have a bridal salon with affordable pricing (because i can never justify spending a ton of money on a wedding dress) so i had to check it out. katie, jess, and i rummaged through the place, pulling different dresses from the racks. the first one i tried on, i looked like a cupcake...the second one - well that was the actually fit perfectly (even in length) and i was able to order the same size that i tried on.  the best part was, that not only did i feel great in it, it was way under my budget - so it made mom happy as well! (now i can spend more on my shoes! haha)  so i have to give a big thanks to katie and jess for coming with me to go dress shopping.

on another note - my list has gotten the final approval from mom - so i should be able to start sending out the save the dates soon!! exciting!! 

ps - thanks to katie for the 2 boxes of franzia for my birthday!!


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  1. MMMMMMMM Frazia! I seriously think Franzia is the key to weight loss. I can't wait to see you in your dress again! I am dreading wedding dress shopping, so I hope you can make it up here to help me out!!


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