Tuesday, January 6, 2009


so now i'm not so sure that giving dave my password to this account was the best idea...

some clarification might be necessary - i told him he could post whatever he wanted - but i didn't want to come back and find that he's opened up a porn website or created a thoroughly written thesis on boobs - and much to my dismay we have the beautiful jennifer love hewitt practically eating her own tits in the picture below...marvelous.

with his rantings for the day out of the way - i come to the blog table today with nothing more than, i'm exhausted and can't wait to go to bed tonight. i have this silly habit of staying up till around 3:00 am reading books and it's kicking my ass the next day. this week's - or should i say month's - silly obsession has been the twilight series. now i have to admit, that yes, i'm 26 years old - and yes, i should probably be leaving this literature to the tweens and teens of our era - but i can honestly say, these books got me hook, line, and sinker...brutal. i'm on the last book now - breaking dawn - and sufficed to say, i will be sad when i'm done because their aren't any more books in this series. at least i have my handy dandy library card now and can trod on down to get the next hip thing.


  1. I can't wait to read the next one!! Miss your faces and the kitties too!

  2. I wont be sad when you are done cause then you can finally go to sleep, and stop shining your light in my face. :) I didnt put porn or intend to put porn on here. I guess Ill just stick to putting sports pictures up and talking about the Braves. hahahahhhahaha


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