Wednesday, January 14, 2009

now i know what it's like to have a cankle...

in my post-college years, my sad attempts to grasp at a faltering athletic prowess, have finally caught up with me. last night was the first basketball game of the new season - i was pumped! i hadn't played in awhile, and i was starting to get a little burnt out on tennis, so when the sbp location had enough women for this season's league, i was all set to go!! i got there early, shot around a bit before the game - i was pretty rusty, but still excited to get going.

the game was a good one, and it was close the entire time. as we headed into the fourth quarter we were all pretty tired, but i was ready to ankle that is!! i went up for a rebound and came down on some one's foot and that's when my ankle went...i swear it touched the ground!!
ok - so i might be over exaggerating just a bit, but oh my how the 4 letter profanities started flowing from my mouth! i've done the ankle roll a million times - it's quite protocol on the tennis court...but this one was different, and much worse. thank god i carpooled that night!! arielle drove me back to her house (6 months into her license and i hate to sound like her mom...but stop the tailgating!! haha) and dave picked me up there. we drove to the er and they couldn't have been nicer. i highly recommend st. joe's for anyone that needs to hit up the er!!

well to make a long story short - i'm in some major pain and can't even stand it when i have to move my foot - let alone put any pressure on it - luckily i have had dave here to help me out because i seriously am helpless!! love you babe!!

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  1. is it your right or left foot? I am glad Dave is there to take care of you! I will be there is 7 days, and we can lay in bed and watch movies and drink wine ALL WEEKEND!!!


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