Sunday, January 4, 2009

back to reality.

well the holidays are officially over and it's time to get back into the swing of things. mom says it's time to start crackin' down on the wedding planning...and what mom says...GOES! we've set the date (October 3rd, 2009) and booked the place (The Toledo Club) and that's pretty much it. so, that being said, it's time to get rollin' and haven't got a clue where to start.

i'm not too into the dress shopping side of it yet and i think it has to do with the fact that i need to lose a few lbs. - and with that being said - i'm going to work with my bff katie on trying to be a nice skinny bitch for my wedding day. in all reality i've never been the smallest person in the world (doesn't help when your 6' tall), and i've always had the tools to weight management (sports major in college) - but damn, i love pizza and beer!!!
i've got the nutrition side down, and i'm implementing a marathon training schedule (i love to run) and i hope that this will get me to some buff state for my wedding date. i also plan on scanning all my fitness outlets for some workouts on killer arms!

as for the wedding itself - i'm going to try and update as much as i can with how the planning is going, how dave and i are handling everything, and anything in between!


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  1. Becca,
    Take it from me, please don't wait till the last minute for everything. Believe it or not, it will creep up on you and the closer you get, the more stressed you are and the more things come up. Make it easy on yourself and be ahead of things. Make sure to take off from work a few days prior.



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