Monday, January 12, 2009

1 YEAR!!!

I have been slacking in putting posts up, but today is a special day. Today is exactly one year since Rebecca and I started dating. I am very happy and blessed to be with her. She makes me smile all the time, and I enjoy every second with her. We look forward to getting married this year, and to having many more anniversaries in the future.

I remember our first date. It was a pretty fun evening. We had some drinks and laughed. Then the fun began as we went back to her place to play some Wii. I had never even picked up a Wii remote in my life, and here she is challenging me to a game of wii tennis. Being the very competitive person that I am, I took the challenge. Now I know its not like real tennis, but she does play actual tennis, so you have to figure she had a huge advantage. I didn't let that get in my head at all. I kicked her ass!!! Im not one of those guys that lets the girl win. I think being competitive sometimes is a good thing. She was very gracious in defeat, and was very impressed by what I was doing. I don't think I lost a match all night. It was getting late, and I had to work the next day, so at about 2am, I layed down a bet. One more game for a kiss. She didn't hesitate, and again I won. Instantly she said double or nothing. I took the bet and won again! At that point the bets could've gotten bigger, but I decided to call it a night and cash in. She was very nice and gave me the two kisses to end the evening, and I went home. Shortly after that we started dating and here we are 1 year later, very happy together, and getting married in October. Rebecca I Love You!!!

Today we decided to start looking at a list of things to do to plan for our wedding. There are some things we are behind on, but its not unmanageable. I like using checklists, so that should help us in getting stuff done. For Annessa and Joy, who are wondering the colors for the wedding, we are going with Brown and a Sage/Green. Rebecca would be the one to ask about that. I happy as long as its not pink!

Other than that there's not too much going on. Just relaxing and watching some playoff football. We have also begun getting our now 2nd annual Spring Training trip to see the Braves in Orlando in order. We are in the beginning stages of planning. We are also going to try and get to Lakeland to see Detroit as well, and possibly go back to St Pete Beach in St Petersburg before we head home. Last year was a lot of fun. This year will be better, especially for Rebecca as she didn't really like my choice of the Super 8!!! I think we might step up a level this year for our accommodations.

That's it for me tonight. Texas is on Big Monday here in 10 minutes, and Man vs Wild is on at 10pm. Leave some comments and have a god one.

PS--Joy there is a new sweet show in the same category as that lie detector show on Fox. This one is called Tool Academy and its on VH1. I highly recommend it for everyone. You'll piss your pants laughing.


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  1. Awwwww, Dave that was sweet! Our 3 year is tomorrow :) Can't wait to see you guys!


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