Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Be Fri + St End

Yay! Katie will be here tomorrow! i'm so excited! she's designing my save the dates for the wedding, so hopefully we will get that done and send them out next week!! we are in the process of collecting all the addresses - wow what an undertaking!!

hurry up and get here be fri!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

now i know what it's like to have a cankle...

in my post-college years, my sad attempts to grasp at a faltering athletic prowess, have finally caught up with me. last night was the first basketball game of the new season - i was pumped! i hadn't played in awhile, and i was starting to get a little burnt out on tennis, so when the sbp location had enough women for this season's league, i was all set to go!! i got there early, shot around a bit before the game - i was pretty rusty, but still excited to get going.

the game was a good one, and it was close the entire time. as we headed into the fourth quarter we were all pretty tired, but i was ready to ankle that is!! i went up for a rebound and came down on some one's foot and that's when my ankle went...i swear it touched the ground!!
ok - so i might be over exaggerating just a bit, but oh my how the 4 letter profanities started flowing from my mouth! i've done the ankle roll a million times - it's quite protocol on the tennis court...but this one was different, and much worse. thank god i carpooled that night!! arielle drove me back to her house (6 months into her license and i hate to sound like her mom...but stop the tailgating!! haha) and dave picked me up there. we drove to the er and they couldn't have been nicer. i highly recommend st. joe's for anyone that needs to hit up the er!!

well to make a long story short - i'm in some major pain and can't even stand it when i have to move my foot - let alone put any pressure on it - luckily i have had dave here to help me out because i seriously am helpless!! love you babe!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

1 YEAR!!!

I have been slacking in putting posts up, but today is a special day. Today is exactly one year since Rebecca and I started dating. I am very happy and blessed to be with her. She makes me smile all the time, and I enjoy every second with her. We look forward to getting married this year, and to having many more anniversaries in the future.

I remember our first date. It was a pretty fun evening. We had some drinks and laughed. Then the fun began as we went back to her place to play some Wii. I had never even picked up a Wii remote in my life, and here she is challenging me to a game of wii tennis. Being the very competitive person that I am, I took the challenge. Now I know its not like real tennis, but she does play actual tennis, so you have to figure she had a huge advantage. I didn't let that get in my head at all. I kicked her ass!!! Im not one of those guys that lets the girl win. I think being competitive sometimes is a good thing. She was very gracious in defeat, and was very impressed by what I was doing. I don't think I lost a match all night. It was getting late, and I had to work the next day, so at about 2am, I layed down a bet. One more game for a kiss. She didn't hesitate, and again I won. Instantly she said double or nothing. I took the bet and won again! At that point the bets could've gotten bigger, but I decided to call it a night and cash in. She was very nice and gave me the two kisses to end the evening, and I went home. Shortly after that we started dating and here we are 1 year later, very happy together, and getting married in October. Rebecca I Love You!!!

Today we decided to start looking at a list of things to do to plan for our wedding. There are some things we are behind on, but its not unmanageable. I like using checklists, so that should help us in getting stuff done. For Annessa and Joy, who are wondering the colors for the wedding, we are going with Brown and a Sage/Green. Rebecca would be the one to ask about that. I happy as long as its not pink!

Other than that there's not too much going on. Just relaxing and watching some playoff football. We have also begun getting our now 2nd annual Spring Training trip to see the Braves in Orlando in order. We are in the beginning stages of planning. We are also going to try and get to Lakeland to see Detroit as well, and possibly go back to St Pete Beach in St Petersburg before we head home. Last year was a lot of fun. This year will be better, especially for Rebecca as she didn't really like my choice of the Super 8!!! I think we might step up a level this year for our accommodations.

That's it for me tonight. Texas is on Big Monday here in 10 minutes, and Man vs Wild is on at 10pm. Leave some comments and have a god one.

PS--Joy there is a new sweet show in the same category as that lie detector show on Fox. This one is called Tool Academy and its on VH1. I highly recommend it for everyone. You'll piss your pants laughing.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


so now i'm not so sure that giving dave my password to this account was the best idea...

some clarification might be necessary - i told him he could post whatever he wanted - but i didn't want to come back and find that he's opened up a porn website or created a thoroughly written thesis on boobs - and much to my dismay we have the beautiful jennifer love hewitt practically eating her own tits in the picture below...marvelous.

with his rantings for the day out of the way - i come to the blog table today with nothing more than, i'm exhausted and can't wait to go to bed tonight. i have this silly habit of staying up till around 3:00 am reading books and it's kicking my ass the next day. this week's - or should i say month's - silly obsession has been the twilight series. now i have to admit, that yes, i'm 26 years old - and yes, i should probably be leaving this literature to the tweens and teens of our era - but i can honestly say, these books got me hook, line, and sinker...brutal. i'm on the last book now - breaking dawn - and sufficed to say, i will be sad when i'm done because their aren't any more books in this series. at least i have my handy dandy library card now and can trod on down to get the next hip thing.


This is for Rachel who talked all that smack about the buckeyes. I guess giving me those buckeye nuts for xmas for bad luck didnt work. hahahhahahah.

Last night was a good game. A little too close for me, but we won. In the end it doesnt really matter since it wasnt for the national championship. We have to get a playoff system.

Anyways, not much to say tonight. Kinda tired after staying up late last night and working hard today. Only thing else I have to say is Fuck Mark Texeira, and I hope the Rays beat the yanks again.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Cats on Drugs

So Rebecca was nice enough to let me post on here as well. I'm gonna try and put some interesting things about our lives on here. Hopefully everyone will want to comment and converse about the posts.

Today we got our cats Boog and Alfie spayed, and I had the luxury of picking them up. The place stunk of piss, but they came out alive. Right now Boog is all doped up and stumbling around pestering Alfie and running in to the walls. Apparently Alfie has come out of surgery as a huge bitch, cause shes howling, hissing, and swatting like crazy. She used to be so nice and cuddly. I hope they get over this soon, cause I'm tired of this noise!!

Tonight is the Texas, Ohio State game. Obviously I'm a Texas fan, but now that Rebecca and I are engaged, I have some new relatives that are Ohio State fans. Over Xmas there was some good discussion and trash talk on the part of the buckeye fans. I don't take part in that, we just play the game and talk that way. Should be interesting tonight. Hookem Horns!!!

I guess I have to write bout wedding stuff on here as well. So far we haven't done too much. We have our location and wedding site planned out. I know there's a lot more to do, but where do we begin? I definitely want to help out in the planning. Any suggestions will be be appreciated.

Now that Dallas is eliminated its time to start thinking about baseball and the Braves. Ill probably post a lot on here about the Braves. We plan on making a trip again to Spring Training at Disney. Last year was too much fun not to go back. I have season tickets so I have plenty to say. So far things don't look good, but there are still trades that could be made. We need a top starter, but I'm afraid there's nobody out there. But there's still some time left, and I'll still be at the games rooting them on.

Ok guys that's all I got for now. Comment away for Rebecca and I. Rebecca I hope this isn't too bad for you.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

back to reality.

well the holidays are officially over and it's time to get back into the swing of things. mom says it's time to start crackin' down on the wedding planning...and what mom says...GOES! we've set the date (October 3rd, 2009) and booked the place (The Toledo Club) and that's pretty much it. so, that being said, it's time to get rollin' and haven't got a clue where to start.

i'm not too into the dress shopping side of it yet and i think it has to do with the fact that i need to lose a few lbs. - and with that being said - i'm going to work with my bff katie on trying to be a nice skinny bitch for my wedding day. in all reality i've never been the smallest person in the world (doesn't help when your 6' tall), and i've always had the tools to weight management (sports major in college) - but damn, i love pizza and beer!!!
i've got the nutrition side down, and i'm implementing a marathon training schedule (i love to run) and i hope that this will get me to some buff state for my wedding date. i also plan on scanning all my fitness outlets for some workouts on killer arms!

as for the wedding itself - i'm going to try and update as much as i can with how the planning is going, how dave and i are handling everything, and anything in between!


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